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MALACCA: The cleanliness level of restrooms at several state-managed premises and agencies is unsatisfactory, said the Malacca chapter of Quality Restroom Association of Malaysia (QRAM).

The association, which surveyed 12 such places, found that the toilets were smelly and covered with algae and stains.

This was due to infrequent maintenance by the appointed janitors, said its chairman Dr Johnson Tay Hong Eng.

Despite the state government allocating a budget to maintain such facilities, he said the level of cleanliness was still very low.

“The condition of restrooms at state government-managed premises should be exemplary and not in such a filthy state,” he said yesterday.

Dr Tay said the toilets were not serviced according to schedule while the janitors failed to focus on the importance of sanitary conditions.

The volume of visitors to these restrooms required them to be maintained and sanitised regularly, he added.

On the part of QRAM, Dr Tay said it would inform the state government on its findings.

He stressed that Malacca, as a popular tourist destination, must ensure the cleanliness of its public toilets.

He said QRAM was also facing criticism each time it tried to advocate cleanliness in public toilets in restaurants and food outlets.

“In many cases, they quickly point fingers at the restrooms in state-owned sites, telling us to act on those places before advising them,” he said.

He said QRAM was also embarking on a campaign among primary school pupils to stress to them about proper toilet practices.




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