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Compiled by AC Lim

The national level World Toilet Day Carnival 2017 organised by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government was held at Dataran Tanjong Emas Muar from 16th to 18th December 2017 coordinated by fellow Qram member Mr. Rajen from the ministry with Qram, in order to, play an active role in the event.

Consequently, Qram was invited to participate in one of the exhibition booths to create public awareness and encourage the public who are interested, to sign up, as new members. The exhibition booth was set up with the help of Melaka Qram team members and manned by En. Othman Awang, of Qram KL Head Quarters. En. Othman also took the opportunity to display some of his company’s biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner product in the booth for the entire 3 days. Qram newly elected protem President, En. Hassan Hamzah and Melaka Branch Vice Chairman Mr. Tiru were also present to render their support to the function. There were several other exhibition booths from the government, as well as, private agencies, in addition to, various food stalls available throughout the 3 days carnival along the Tanjong Emas water front. The crowd were pleasantly surprised and entertained with the live band music and song performances by local artists at scheduled hours.

A seminar was simultaneously held in the Dewan Jubli Intan on Sunday 17.12.17 from 9.00 am to 11.30 am. Qram was amongst the three invited speakers, to speak on the role of Qram, as an NGO, in promoting the management of Clean Public Toilet Culture, in the country. Mr. AC Lim was requested by Mr. Rajen to present the paper on behalf of Qram. The audience of about 300 participants consisted mainly from the government and various private sectors. Amongst the VIPs present were the Muar Municipality Governor, Director of Local Government Department and the Head of the Health Department.

The seminar ended with the closing speech by the Director of KPT, token of appreciation for the three speakers and prize giving to all the various categories clean toilet competition winners, followed by lunch in the venue.

AC Lim delivering his paper on the role of Qram. AC Lim receiving a token of appreciation.

AC Lim setting up the banners and balloons for the booth

Thumbs up from AC Lim, Hassan and Othman                   Rama and Tiru participation from Qram Melaka



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