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Report by AC Lim

AC Lim conducting the Qram talk to the attentive students of MGS2 Melaka
AC Lim conducting the Qram talk to the attentive students of MGS2 Melaka

In conjunction with the world toilet day on 19th November 2017, a talk was conducted to the Methodist Girls Primary 2 School in Melaka on Monday 20th November 2017 at the request of the school headmistress Madam Lim Li Lian to Qram Melaka. The talk was carried out at the school hall for about 100 students which comprised of the standard 4 to 6 students immediately after their morning assembly from 8.30 am to 10.00 am.

Qram Melaka was represented by the Chairman Dr. Johnson Tay, Vice Chairman Mr. Tirunavokaran and Secretary Mr. AC Lim who conducted the talk and training session with the assistant of Tiru on the computer. The school was supported by their honourable headmistress Madam Lim Li Lian, Master of Ceremony Puan Noraisah bt Md Tan, Information Communication Technology teacher Encik Ahmad Faizal Bin Abdul Karim and Senior Assistant for student affairs Puan Rohana bt A. Hamid.

Dr. Johnson Tay kicked off the talk with his opening speech stressing on the importance of the clean restrooms, in order to, project a similar clean image of the country to tourists. AC Lim presented the slideshow to the pupils with a brief introduction to Qram historical background, followed by the proper ways of personal hygiene and the safe use of public toilet facilities, much to the excited audience. They were also treated to two video clip shows namely Qram movie and children “Public toilet is crying” song, which received a lot of interest from them. There were sporadic and active interaction between Qram speaker AC Lim and the pupils throughout the slide presentation session.

Finally, the school headmistress wrapped up the session with her closing speech, by thanking Qram Melaka for taking their time off to educate her students on personal hygiene and toilet cleanliness, in conjunction with, the National level World Toilet Day carnival in Muar, organised by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government from 7th - 9th December 2017. She also gave away tokens of appreciation to the Melaka Qram team members.  The Qram Chairman in return presented two booklets on quality restroom guidelines to the headmistress for their references. The Qram team were then treated to some light refreshment in the school canteen. On completion, a brief inspection was carried out in one of the school toilets by the team with a couple of suggestions, to the school headmistress for improvement. Qram Melaka assured the headmistress their willingness to render further support for the school should there be any assistance required from them, as a result of their visit and toilet inspection much to the delight of the school principal.

Approx. 100 standard 4 to 6 pupils and teachers listening attentively to the talk

MGS Primary 2, headmistress Madam Lim Li Lian delivering her opening speech

A token of appreciation from the headmistress Lim Li Lian to Qram Melaka Chairman Dr. Johnson Tay

Qram team having some light refreshment in the school canteen with the headmistress

AC Lim pointing to a cistern defect in the male teacher’s toilet during the inspection



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