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Jasin Tamil School Tertiary Education, Personal Hygiene and Toilet Cleanliness Awareness Seminar.

The seminar was jointly organised by the SJKT Jasin Melaka school, PIBG president Mr. Matheealaggan, Akademi Badminton representative Mrs. Premulatha and QRAM Melaka committee members, Johnson, Tiru, AC Lim and Murugiah in the school hall for all the standard six pupils on Sunday, 26/2/17 from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm.



gurubesarThe school head mistress, Pn. Samupathy, kicked off the function with her welcomed speech followed by the tertiary education talk presented by renowned motivational speaker, Mrs. Kalpana Devi who touched mainly on  preparing the pupils for tertiary education. QRAM Personal Hygiene and Toilet Cleanliness slide presentation was conducted by QRAM Melaka Vice Chairman, Mr. Tirunavokaran in Tamil. Three short videos on Quality Toilets were also played in the session.

‌The audience consisted of around 150 people comprising of students, teachers and parents. The seminar ended with the closing speech by QRAM Melaka Chairman, Dr. Johnson Tay praising the general cleanliness of the school compound and the green environment. He stressed to the audience on importance of clean toilet and the sense of ownership for the toilet, in order to, upkeep it's cleanliness, as another critical aspect towards a Quality Restroom.

‌He proposed goal setting and competition amongst the various toilets. Finally, he concluded his speech by offering a challenge trophy for the best toilet in the school via competitions, improvement actions and regular audits, on behalf of QRAM Melaka.

The committee, parents, teachers and students were treated to lunch in the school canteen sponsored by Qram Melaka. Copies of QRAM wash room guidelines booklets were also distributed to the participants.


Dr. Johnson Tay addressing the teachers, parents and pupils during his closing speech.

Tiru presenting the slide show to the audience.

L/R Mrs Lim, AC Lim, Tiru, Johnson, Pn Samupathy, Murugiah, Sethraj, Matheealaggan.


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